The Free Harvest Supper is an annual community event celebrating local food, farms, and community.  

The supper features a bountiful free meal of locally grown food prepared by locally based chefs, as well as live music, children’s activities, educational displays, and the hugely successful “Really, Really Free Market” where all are welcome to bring home produce from the season’s overflow donated by farmers and gardeners. Diners can enjoy passed fresh appetizers and learn from informational displays while they wait for their meal.

This wonderful community event is open and free to all, and the 2017 Free Harvest Supper will take place on Sunday, August 13th from 4:30-6:30pm on the Greenfield Town Common/Court Square. To conserve resources and help the Free Harvest Supper reach its goal of being a trash-free event, all are encouraged to bring their own reusable place settings and napkins. 

The Goals Behind the Free Harvest Supper

The goals which drive the Free Harvest Supper are first, to encourage eating of locally grown food; second, to support local agriculture. 

While the Supper is free to all, donations are accepted and are used to support the cost of items not donated but necessary.  These items include:

·         Coolers ·         Truck rental & gas
·         Tents ·         Kitchen rental
·         Tableware ·         Portable Stage

·         Serving & Sanitation Supplies

·         Waste Removal
·         Porta Potty ·         Insurance Rider
·         Tee Shirts for Volunteers ·         Signage for the Event

The Really, Really Free Market is another way in which community members can share with one another. Again this year, gardeners and farmers are welcome to bring the overflow of extra produce they have, and, in accordance with its name, all of the produce is free to take home. All are welcome to take home some of the donated produce, which in past years has included peaches, apples, eggs, tomatoes, squash, greens, flowers, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, and more. To donate produce to the Really, Really Free Market, no sign up is needed. Just bring your produce to the supper from 4-5:30pm.

Volunteers Needed!

It takes a whole community to make a great community event. A core group of volunteer organizers is already at work planning the Free Harvest Supper and they want your help! 100 volunteers, over 50 farms, a dozen organizations, and countless home gardeners (along with over 1,000 hungry diners) helped make the supper 2 years ago a success. Planning, donating food, volunteering the day of the Supper, and providing information for the display area, are just a few of the many ways to be involved in this great event. 

This year, the organizers are currently looking for folks to help with food and entertainment coordination, as well as people who can help set up, serve, staff the recycling/composting area, and clean up at the Supper. 

To volunteer: Contact Amie Hyson at spirittamer2001@yahoo.com

To donate food or provide display materials: Contact info@stonesoupgreenfield.org

To make financial donations: Send checks made out to “The Stone Soup Café” to Willow Ross or Kirsten Levitt, Stone Soup Café, PO Box 542., Greenfield, MA 01302. Please note “Free Harvest Supper” on the check. For more information about the Stone Soup Café visit http://www.stonesoupgreenfield.org.