It takes a whole community to make a great community event.

A core group of volunteer organizers is already at work planning the Free Harvest Supper and they want your help! 100 volunteers, over 50 farms, a dozen organizations, and countless home gardeners (along with over 1,000 hungry diners) helped make last year’s Supper a success. Planning, donating food, volunteering the day of the Supper, and providing information for the display area, are just a few of the many ways to be involved in this great event.

Right now, the event organizers are looking for food and entertainment coordinators, as well as people who set up, serve, staff the recycling/composting area, and clean up at the Supper.

To volunteer: Contact Shirley at redhairedgirl19@yahoo.com

If you can’t spare your time, there are still other ways to support the Free Harvest Supper!

To donate food or provide display materials: Contact info@stonesoupgreenfield.org

To make donations: Send checks made out to “The Stone Soup Café” to Kirsten Levitt, The Stone Soup Café, PO Box 542., Greenfield, MA 01302. Please note “Free Harvest Supper” on the check. For more information about the Stone Soup Café please visit www.Stonesoupgreenfield.org


A big thanks to those who have volunteered at the 2015 Free Harvest Supper, including:

Donna DuSell
Jeff Canter
Jim Bridges
Joshua Epstein
Judy Draper
Judy Hall
Lonny Brooks
Michael Muller
Russ Pirkot
Tami Stiles
Wisty Rorabacher
Devorah Rosenberg
Laurie Parker
Michele Johnson
Tami Stiles
Laura Bellusci
Susan Worgaftik
Marian Kelner
Montserrat Archbald
Lonny Brooks
Russ Pirkot
Susan Perez
Julie Ringwood
Lucy Fagella
Marsha Stone
Michele Johnson
Ania Grandbois
Emily Gopen
Kalista Popp
Chris Daugherty
Martha Baldwin
Al Siano
Hazel Dawkins
Liz Kelner
Mary Siano
Russ Thomas
Sammy Rahab
Nancy Hazard
Sharon Pleasant
Anita Lockesmith
Annie Hassett
Jeanne Dodge
Marie-Françoise Hatte
Barbara Lemoine
Faith Kindess
Judy Hall
Laurie MacLeod
Susan Laing
Thea Constine
Barbara Lemoine
Faith Kindess
Jeanne Dodge
Kalista Popp
Mary Sirium
Norm Hirshfeld
Aaron Falbel
Beth Wesismann
Bryon Hefner
Chong Collette
Frank Collettte
Gina Gigante
Kate Stevens
Laura Bellusci
Ona Lindauer
Paul Mark
Paul Yeager
Russ LePage
Sandy Yeager
Sherrill Hogen
Stan Rosenberg
Glenn Ayers
John Bean
Mary Praus
Tolan Bistrek
Marsha Stone
Mary McCarthy
Dot Cary
Victoria Floor
Jean Wall
Alphonse Baron
Ari Pilskin
Becky George
Elliot Hartmann-Russell
Emily Tatro
Ilan Korman
Karen Lutsky
Laura Kaye
Margaret Fasulo
Meryl Sackin
Nico Fasulo
Paul Yeager
Phil Korman
Reenie Clancy
Rick Page
Sandy Thomas
Sandy Yeager
Shirley Holmes
Susan Laing
Susan Perez
Russ Pirkot
Thomas Williams
Line Monitors
Mary McCarthy
Jan Gee Bean
Kirby Grimley
Michele Johnson

5 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. After reading about your Free Harvest Supper I would very much like to be involved and volunteer for this year, 2011. I run a small farm producing eggs, vegetables and herbs. Please put me on your list for volunteering. I could help the day of and also with organizing. Sounds awesome. I’m so sorry that I had not heard of it before now. Thank you

  2. I saw you on Mass Live this morning and was very touched! its sooo very important. I would love to help in any means necessary

    best regars,


  3. I just Emailed Jennifer to tell her that since I’m going to be there And I live right In Downtown Greenfield I’d be more than happy to pitch In wherever I’m needed.

    1. I’m in downtown turners falls now but I’m more than happy to pitch in and help this year
      Last year i was part of the beacon playground fundraising group this year i volunteered at the green river festival last month and i’m on the planning committee for RiverCulture here in town and will be helping Amy at the franklin county fair this year by working one of the recycling stations and with set up and clean up

  4. I have green and purple cabbage from my garden I would like to donate for the supper again this year. Who do I call about where and when to bring it to you?
    As always, looking forward to a great event!

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